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Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I really think this is just an emotional reaction to the team not playing well. So what if Liles and Quincey haven't fully been replaced as of yet, or there are still some holes in the lineup. If they didn't have issues, they'd have a cup contending team. That's ridiculously high expectations for a team in the 4th year of a rebuild. You got to give him time. If we're still out of the playoffs under the next coach, and have big holes in the lineup, then you can lynch him if you want.

Winnik was under performing, they needed more offense out of him and Gali.

Say what you will about the D core, it's not soft. It's just slow, especially right now.

You're right he doesn't have to throw money around to improve the team, but trying to fill the holes in a smart way takes time. You can't expect him to both do it smart, and get it all done in the summer.

What were the better options that he should have pursued? No one is providing any. It's just people who are upset because the teams not playing well. It's really just armchair general managing to a tee IMO.
Dismiss my points all you want as "emotion," but I think I stated my case well enough. I'm not expecting a contender this year. What I expected was progress toward that goal. Instead I'm seeing a giant step backward.

And there were tons of better options than Greg friggin' Zanon. I mentioned the Isles, who traded for Visnovsky. He's off the books after this year. No muss, no fuss, and if you bring in Barrie/Elliott, they're not having to shoulder the load like they are right now. Not an ideal option, but even Lacroix had the wherewithal to sign Patrice Brisebois, which, despite what fans may think of him, was a beneficial signing.

You still haven't explained why this management team thought it was a good idea to start the season with a defense with such bad puckmoving ability they had to rush two 21-year-olds into the lineup (one coming off an injury) to stem the tide of suckage. If the plan was to fill the blueline with pluggers in order to allow them some flexibility when it came to Barrie/Elliott, that plan was obviously a failure. I don't accept the "we have to fill holes the smart way" excuse. Rushing prospects in to fill holes made by trading away Liles and Quincey and replacing them with O'Brien, Hejda, and Zanon is not filling holes the smart way.

We didn't need "full" replacements for Quincey and Liles, but we needed someone to bridge the gap between those players and Barrie Elliott. The Avs thought that since things were going so well last season with all the big, slow guys, they'd just double down. Sherman honestly thought he could get away without an actual puckmover on the blueline because it worked so well for a short time after the deadline and the Avs were scoring so well with McGinn and Downie seemingly getting it in the net every time they shot the puck. Sure enough, that offense dried up as expected before the season ended. Even Lacroix knows the value of a puckmoving defender, not sure why Sherman doesn't.

Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
That's actually the one area, where I think PL still runs the show. He steers the ship in the direction he thinks it should go as President, and that includes the playing style of the head coach. He wants it to be up tempo, offensive minded, and exciting.

Other than that, I think he probably just sits back, and maybe gives advice to Sherman if he is asked.
I doubt this is the case. The Avs are still taking the same take-it-or-leave-it policy with contracts negotiations that they did under Lacroix and Giguere. I don't believe Sherman is a mere puppet, but Lacroix to me exerts far too much control for a team president. If he were more like Davidson, where he hires the GM and then just ensures everyone play nice with one another, that'd be one thing. To me, Lacroix just surrounds himself with yes-men. And that's what Sherman is. Lacroix's way, way more than just an 'advisor' and you're not gonna convince me for a second he only interjects himself into the conversation when asked.

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