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02-25-2013, 12:45 PM
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Originally Posted by -31- View Post
I think we should make an "I hate everything thread", except lift the 1000 post limit, because that would be too much work for Mods.
I agree. I haven't even posted in a few days because...what's the point?

We are a really bad team, with a lot of injuries, coached by a stubborn idiot that doesn't realize what kind of team he has.

We definitely won't win any Cup...and now I don't even see a window. I see us as closer to a (partial) rebuild than I do a cup, with Richards and Gaborik as useless as they are. Hell, we basically had a partial rebuild after last season. One that hasn't worked out too well. Granted, injuries have played a big role in that.

I doubt we'll even make the playoffs, and if we do, it'll probably just be to sneak in only to get murdered in the first round.

ESPN Ranked us 14 (no change from last week) in the Power Rankings, this week. TOTAL GIFT. We have about as much power as the Fukushima plant.

Things suck right now.

**oh, sorry, I'll say on topic- Richards is one of the worst signings in NYR History**

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