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Originally Posted by Grumbler View Post
Wow just saw that game on replay. Good thing I didn't watch the game, would have been more pissed right now. God all those goals on Luongo, he is just freaking terrible, game 6 in 2011 SCF again.
I just watched the whole condensed game twice to analyze each goal.

1)The first goal was a fluke. Bounced off Ballard. If Luongo was 'hot' it hits him. Since this was not his night, it goes in the goal.

2) the second goal was likewise a screen seeing eye shot that is tipped down and into the goal. The funny thing is, that if its not tipped, it goes in the top corner. But when its tipped it goes down. Again, if Luongo is hot, it somehow hits his glove or pad. Hes not, and it goes in.

3) The third goal is different. It is a shot any goalie can stop and Luongo does so. But his rebound control was awful. He doesnt even try to deflect it to the corner he just rebounds it right back to the same guy who then passes it on to the side and in it goes.

A Luongo playing well never allows that rebound straight back out to the same shooter. It was weak. Not terrible, but not a world class goalie move.

4) This goal was terrible. He saves an easy shot. Goes to put his glove on it and the guy pokes it into the goal. It was a brain fault. Fortunately for Luongo, the ref had blown the whistle and it didnt count.

4) This goal wasnt bad. Wings set it up in the slot and Zetterburg slams it home to the right of luongo . If Luongo was on his game, he gets it with his pad. Since this is not his night, It goes in before his pad shoots out to block it.

5) This was not his fault. Datsyuk hits it in with a high stick .Doesnt count.

5) This goal bad positioning. This is lazy Luongo who just flops on the ice and cannot move across his crease. He flops on his belly and the guy just moves the puck around and has a wide open net. A Luongo playing well does not fall on his face, but instead moves across to block the second shot. Bad effort

6) Now Luongo is at the point where hes been around the block in his career. The refs have called some bad calls, hes had some unlucky bounces, and hes not playing well. This is the Luongo who just melts down. The goal was not even AHL quality.

7) If there was any real time left in the game, Schneider would have gone in, but since there is such little time left AV hangs him out to dry and leaves him in. This shot was a slow slapper from the blue line that Ballard tips. But he tips it so far out that any ECHL goalie would have adjusted to it but Luongo doesnt care about saving it anymore. Meltdown city.

8) He goes into the butterfly and the guy just shoots it between his legs. Not the worst goal in the world but its obvious he could care less anymore.

I would have pulled luongo after the 4th goal as it was obvious he was not catching any breaks and not having a good night. After that he just melted down.

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