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02-25-2013, 01:07 PM
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I hate No-Check with a passion! He's the worst announcer in all of sports imo. He's completely ruined Foley who used to be good and now has basically become the Ed McMahon in the booth. The worst thing Eddie does is when he goes into one of his stand up comic routines and then him and Foley have a 20 minute giggle fest while the game is going on. He's not even remotely funny!

Notice how he doesn't pull that comedy **** when he's on the national broadcast?

Also, he contantly miscalls the play and blatantly misses obvious events on the ice.

His tips on replays are all garnered towards the hockey novices, they serve no value to people that actually know the game.

I hate him so much he's almost at a Bill Wirtz level for me and that's saying something.

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