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Originally Posted by GangGreen View Post
That's right Legend in your own mind. Keep remembering the past because its all you got left. Until your mind goes completely blank from senility and you can't remember the Spits glory any more.
Remember, Leroux = Bilcke.
Also, I seem to recall sweeping the Spits in '05, when the Knights won the you guessed it, the Memorial Cup. Just like they swept them last year when they won the OHL. Too bad they won't get to sweep them again

Let me ask u a question
Will the Knights ever win a Mem Cup on the road
Memory serves me correct your only win was on home ice
Committee will probably award hosting in that basis alone ,they know the
Knights cant win it on the road,exhibit A- last yr
Windsor has won 8 straight games in the mem cup tourneys resulting in 2 cups
on the road something the Knights cant claim
League championships dont mean anything if u cant win the biggy

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