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Originally Posted by ScoreZeGoals View Post
The problem I see with quite a few Flyer fans is that they are infatuated with points and little else. Many of them seem to think that the type of production their players put-up in that pond hockey system they play would translate to every other team, and that's simply not true
True, points and hits. Simmonds is great cause he is a grinder and sometimes a fighter. That's flyers hockey. When fans give an example of why Giroux is awesome, they talk about his massive hit on Crosby in the playoffs last year. Hell, they make T-shirts out of it. Give credit, that hit set the tone for the rest of the game, but then the Devils took down the Flyers easily after that.

And I know a lot of fans gave crap to Richards to begin the year, it was deserved, he had a bad start, but now despite him not scoring a ton of goals, we aren't really hearing that anymore. The most annoying thing for me was defining a player as lazy by their movement on the ice. Carter and even Lupul fell into this category for being taller and having longer strides, making them look they aren't busting it as hard as possible. Richards watches and analyzes the play a lot and that makes him look like he doesn't care. These things are utterly ridiculous. As well as the focus on goals. Yes, even assists aren't good enough most of the time.

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