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02-25-2013, 01:18 PM
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Originally Posted by expatriated_texan View Post
Sacco has choices...and for better or worse, he's made the decision to keep O'Brien as far from the ice as possible on game day. We can debate the quality of Sacco's decision making powers if you'd like but he is penciling in Elliot over SOB right now and has allowed Barrie the time to elevate his game since EJ went down. You can call that not having a choice but when the AVs roll every night with a newly resigned SOB eating nachos every game-night I'm not buying it.
Sacco has admitted that the blueline was in sore need of offense, too bad it took him and management that many games to realize a blueline full of pylons just wasn't gonna get it done.

No idea what in hell O'Brien did, but it's clear he's in the doghouse and probably won't get out anytime soon. The fact that he's still in the press box despite all these injuries tells me he'll be moved before he sees anything more than spot duty.

O'Brien shouldn't be playing over Elliott or Barrie, but he should've gotten a nod over O'Byrne or Zanon by now.

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