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02-25-2013, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Randy BoBandy View Post
Where you at now Beegoalie? Coyle scores first game back. You coming over to the Heatley sucks team yet, I know Yeo is having put him on the 4th and 2nd lines to see if anything would work for that piece of garbage player. Watch when he is on the fourth line next game.

Coyle has scored one 6 games he has a STELLAR 1 goal for his only point. Also he's produced the HUGE amount of 7 shots on goal while playing with the teams best playmakers.

Talk to me when he scores at a pace that is better than 13 goals in a full season..because those 13 goals in 80 games sure as hell aren't going to outproduce what Heatley pots with Koivu and Parise in those 80.

Coyle simply isn't ready to produce at a level offensively that warrants him to be on the top line. He has all the tools but he isn't going to magically become a 20-25 goal scorer in his first year in the league.

Heatley is that already whether you like it or not. Even slow as hell he is still that and we need goals..the team is DEAD LAST in the NHL in goals and you want to run Heatley out of he's our sole problem scoring. Sure should he have more goals?? Probably..but lets not forget the guy is second on the damn team in goals.

You wanna get rid of him and set more records for worst offensive team in the history of the NHL??

Be my guest.

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