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02-25-2013, 01:31 PM
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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
The move is to trade Theodore to any team he'd accept to. He has more trade value than Clemmer. A team would give us a pick to have him as their backup.

Clemmer is fine next year as the backup, especially if the team is better. He's a backup, not a big deal. We could do a lot worse. Just live with it for another year. The guy is 15-7-9 over the past two years with this team. I wish we hadn't signed him, but we did, so we live with it. 1.2 is fine. He's not the worst backup in the world.

Markstrom should be starting next year, hence the reason why he should be starting now. Give him the experience at this level so he'll be more ready next year! Playing for a garbage team in the AHL accomplishes nothing at this point. The season is over. Let Markstrom play.
Thank you Theodore for your contributions. Hope you win the Cup wherever you go, but it's time to go. He signed a 2-year deal here. Year 1, he helped get us to the playoffs. Year 2, we're not going anywhere so we'll do him a favor and send him to a contender so he can enjoy the last year of his career (since, apparently, he indicated he'd retire here at the time he signed). Everybody is happy.

Id rather theo the better goalie be the backup next yr, again to the premise of dress your best team, but if theo is more marketable and we have to live with the mistake of signing clemmer for TWO yrs, i get that.

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