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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
If I'm Chevy, my thought is to rid the cupboard of the nasty problems that plague this team (our D, G, PK). We need to continue to draft and develop. That means no young talented RFA leave - this includes Wheeler, Little, Burmi, Tangradi, Peluso, Postma and Redmond. They shouldn't be touched.

Those who I'd send packing:

Jokinen - didn't work out, we have Scheifele next year
- trade to Chicago for maybe a 2/3 rounder

Antropov - waiver wire

Wellwood - not getting enough ice time
- trade to Vancouver for 4-5th rounder; they need a centre with FO skills

Miettinen - injured only 99% of the time, waiver wire

Wright - has shown nothing, send him to the waiver wire

Byfuglien - offensive potential but no defensive skills at all
- at high end, could likely get a late 1st rounder and maybe another 3rd for him
and Columbus has a large number of picks to play with

Hainsey - put on waiver wire and send down to AHL when not picked up; he may eat
minutes but his giveaways are a significant factor

Enstrom - injured two years in a row, he's 28 and will get more injury prone but he has
significant offensive upside and defensive skills
- could be marketable to a playoff team that need scoring from the D (the Devils/
Ducks are a perfect fit and we land a 1st and a 3rd for him)

Clitsome - to the waiver wire we go but he's not absolutely horrific on D

Pavelec - we have 2 buyouts, use one and get rid of his terrible contract and let's move

This opens up the door to adding some salary at FA again with Corey Perry and many others available when other teams will be cap stressed. We can also pay Bogo what he's worth on say a 6-7 year deal. Burmi, Wheeler, Little can all get locked up for 2/3 year deals. And we have several more draft picks to add to this team in year or two. We get instantly better on D and look for SCORING HELP in FA and the draft. That's draft and develop.

Wright has shown nothing... but Peluso is untouchable after a very underwhelming and weak 10 mins of play... okay? Coach and everyone else seems to think differently...

Byfuglien trade
1) I don't think Byfuglien has great defensive abilities but none is pretty asinine to say... he has a great first pass and a great skater... the thing he's missing is some positional play, which is teachable. You add that and he has the 3 important aspects of being defensively effective; anything anyone else has is just a plus... look at Stuart last year: he blocks and hits but has poor skating, positioning and first pass and 'cos of that he was terribly ineffective and was the D-man that gave up the most scoring oppertunities.
2) you might want to go into history and find an All-star nominated defensemen who goes for a 1st and "maybe" a third rounder... you'll be hard pressed to find them... Byfuglien isn't the only mostly offensive D-man in the NHL

Enstrom injuries: Clavicles are easily broken and due to harsh luck. doesn't matter how big or small you are they snap easily. The shoulder this season could be a chronic injury though and that could be concern but that's only one chronic injury in 6 seasons... Not a great sample size to say injury prone... Bogosian, the same guy as you listed before as a lock up (which I agree about), has had more with his wrist...

THe fact that you think Hainsey is waivable is a joke no offense.

Clitsome is a terrible top4 option but I think he's pretty average for #7 or #8 (remember Noel likes having 8 D, and you can see now with injuries why). He beats competition as long as you shelter him and allow him to only play against bottom 6. You're never going to find a team without a single defenseman who isn't somewhat a liability... because you can't afford 7 all-star 2-way D.

You're going to send Antropov, Miettinen, Clitsome, and Wright to the waiver wire and get nothing for them??? Even if you don't like them you MIGHT get something for the last three and you'd 100% get at least a 2nd rounder for Antropov. This is **** poor management and worse than CBJ has managed their team. That's not how you draft and develop. Good luck banking on Perry and the fictional "many others available" (ask Boston how that turned out for them banking on that last lockout; they were lucky that Chara and a few other things went their way) as you won't be getting too many top notch UFAs signed when you're pulling these weird deals...

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