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02-25-2013, 01:57 PM
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Originally Posted by bhay1987 View Post
Sounds like a scorched earth rebuild to me. It's certainly plausible but I don't think it's as simple as send everyone who isn't performing at a contender's level in their role packing. I'll try to address most of this...

Jokinen could easily go, but with the cap dropping next year and his cap hit at $4.5M, we might get more back for him if we hang onto him and deal him when Scheifele has proven he can handle NHL duty.

Antropov is probably gone as well. Anything we get for him is a plus.

James Wright I think your super wrong on. He has the makings of becoming a pretty effective 3rd liner. Very little offence but that hasn't been his role.

Miettinen, Wellwood I agree who cares they're done at season's end.

Enstrom...uhh who exactly are you planning on replacing him with? I'm pretty sure he also has a NTC. He's not a true #1 defenseman but few are. Works really well with Buff trading him for futures will solve zero defensive woes. It'll make them worse.

Buff...again he has his faults but he's still a relatively young veteran that's scoring 3/4 of a ppg over the last 2.5 years. Trading him for a first rounder is borderline preposterous! What I try to imagine is him as Enstrom as the 2nd pair with Bogo and a young LD playing the real tough competition. Would be a top five defense overall in the league IMO.

Hainsey is a typical #4 defenseman. If he didn't make mistakes while playing against the best in the world he would be...a #1. Look around the upcoming UFA pool for LD. Hainsey is probably the 2nd best one. I'm beginning to think we might have to trade him at the deadline because we won't want to afford what it costs to keep him.

Clitsome. I think everyone knows he's not going to be the #6 on a contender. He's a warm body that's doing a decent job with Toby out. We have zero prospects as good as him in the AHL.

Pavelec is not likely to get bought out IMO. 12M jut to go sign another goalie for half the price that is no better might make hockey sense, but certainly not bottom line sense for TNSE. I'd rarer just wait it out and let him slowly improve his consistency.

It's like you want to get rid of everyone who are not good enough for draft picks. So that they can join the worst team in the NHL by the time they get there?? Try signing a decent UFA when we're DFL in the standings.
Agree with everything you said except Jokinen he only gets traded if we are 100% giving Little the contract he wants at the end of the season. If not Little goes and Jokinen stays as a stop gap for Scheifele. Now I doubt they don't resign Little but if he wants some thing outrageous who knows.

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