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02-25-2013, 02:01 PM
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Originally Posted by Coolburn View Post
Sorry the Booth trade was more than a yr in the making and Tallon has already confirmed that before. Saying that was a rash decision is not accurate at all. Yes it was about accountability and he saw more than a yr of Booth to judge whether he was the right player for the team he wanted to build.

Markstrom is the most talented of the 3, sure and probably gives us a good chance to win each game. But its not just about talent & winning games. Its also a business and that is the true responsibility of the franchise in reality. They need to balance the business side and sports side. So right now the best balanced decision was to send Markstrom back. It wont hurt him in any way and wont hurt the franchise either, contrary to your beliefs.

They are not tanking just because they demoted Markstrom. No team would openly be able to tank without trading off a bunch of players first and just icing an AHL team like we did just prior to hiring Tallon. Theo will be starting tomorrow and he'll be fine. Theo was playing awesome to start the season when everyone was out injured and kept us in those games even if we lost. If the team plays half way decent in front of him, he gives us a decent chance to win games. Stop assuming because of demoting a player that is not waiver eligible that the team is tanking right now.
I agree completely here. Yes I'm not a huge fan of Clemmensen but he is what he is. We signed him and I think we're probably stuck with him. Theo probably will get the majority of the starts and will attract interest by the trade deadline. Let him go to a team thats contending and then he can retire. Maybe even send him back to Montreal to finish out his career. He'll at least garner an asset back and would benefit us long term.
When this franchise learns the best buisness decision is to put the best prodcut on the ice, maybe theyll become as successful as the Heat.

Theo was awesome on the beginning of the season?

When he gave up 4 goals gm2?
Or the awesome 7 goal performance gm 5 v Philly?
Oh you must be talking about the awesome performance gm 6 in giving up 5 to Tampa!!

Come on, be credible....Theo was awesome a lot last year and i thank him for that; but he has been nothing more than medicore at best this yr.

Its not an assumption, its a nexis when you demote the best goalie, that short term finances rule over best hockey decisions. And im tired of it.

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