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02-25-2013, 02:07 PM
draft the BPA
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slowly the worm is turning.

many good comments here. many of us have been beating the same drum.

torts continues to coach this team as though we are lacking players with the ability to create offense. the result is a system that stifles offense and sacrifices the teams ability to back up its opponent by always dumping pucks deep and chasing rather than attacking with speed and passing. problem is, we rarely come away with the pucks. all we do is turn it over and play defense.

its as though no matter who we have playing, the system dictates that we must all be grinders and cyclers first and always stay high and play defense first.

these guys are all holding their sticks too tight, they are too mechanical, and to a man, they are all fighting the game.

forget the pp. the only true offensive part of the game and we are clueless. we even dump and chase with the man up. you cant make this stuff up.

as ive said before, this team could flourish with a coach who just says.. "go out and play hockey".

torts must go.

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