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02-25-2013, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Never broken a hockey stick, but i have broken a few lacrosse sticks and heads. Lax sticks dont really break so much as bend horribly. To the point where holding it becomes uncomfortable and extremely awkward.

But congratulations man. Hopefully it is the first of many? Or are you suppose to hope that no more break? Hmm...
Nah, it's funny because for a while now, i've been wondering how other skaters (Jarick included) break their sticks. The worst thing that I've done to a stick at my level is deflect/block a point shot with a shaft and had a small chunk of fiberglass and composite chip out.

Last night, my RW sent a relatively hard pass up to me on the RD side. It was perfectly positioned... sliding flat... so I tried to release a one timer. Thing is... I managed to actually hit the puck, in the right spot, and the shot would have been a thing of beauty... Except the broken stick part... Stick didn't "shatter" into pieces, it just crunched and bent. Puck still made it halfway to the middle of the ice, but the ref heard the crunch of the stick and looked at me, had to go to the bench.

Long story short... I found out what it takes to actually break a stick, which I was curious about.

Edit; I also have two more of the same stick I broke. One is cut down 3 inches and I've been using that one at forward. Plus the new Mikken I picked up last week... Just now figuring out what I like in a stick...

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