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02-25-2013, 03:12 PM
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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
That's all well and good guerzy but the fact remains that teams that spend this many years in the drafting 7-12 range just quite frankly almost never become real teams. Once my comp is fixed I can some data for that. The whole point is this thing was completely screwed up by many of the factors you listed, and quite frankly might be impossible to fix at this point of the rebuild.
I look forward to that data, because I am not sure how many teams that has actually happened too. Calgary has a terrible draft history, but after that I don't know. The "you have to suck really really bad to get good" thing is a load of nonsense IMO.

Of course, teams do have to draft well to improve, but there are plenty of teams who have tanked multiple top 5 picks and I am not down with the Edmonton model of team building either.

There is no doubt in my mind that tanking worked for Pit and Chi (although I don't know that it was by design), but there are plenty other examples of good teams that weren't built that way and there is no reason to believe that picking within the top 5 (instead of 7-10) 4 years earlier matters in the slightest come playoff time. When you get to the playoffs, all that really matters is depth, luck and goaltending.

Long term, the Jets need to drafts (or acquire) two big time centres and three top notch lines along with their young defenders. That is all that matters. It isn't like they are absent of a few top end picks in Kane and Bogosian. The King's build their team primarily on the backs of Kopitar (11th) and Richards (24th) and beat out a team that hasn't picked in the top 9 since Scott Niedermayer (Pressbox Adam Larsson aside).

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