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Originally Posted by SilverSeven View Post
Not all shots are created equal. DaCosta creates high quality scoring chances.
I never claimed Da Costa didn't create good scoring chances, just that the underlying numbers show that his puck possession game is nowhere near as good as Smith's. And since Maclean seems to value puck possession and the ability to gain the zone a great deal, Smith is obviously the more valuable player to him for his system. Especially when you consider that he's generating more shots while playing the toughest minutes, while Da Costa is playing against the softest opposition.

However, on the topic of quality scoring chances, Smith's "team on ice shooting %" is low due to some bad luck (3.2%), but I wouldn't expect it to go much over 5-8, as a reflection of the kind of chances he tends to create given his limited playmaking ability.

(Meanwhile, Da Costa's team on ice sh% is 0, which is likely just a result of bad luck)

e: And as much as everyone here seems to hate corsi, it's a really simple stat. Would anyone here hate the term as much if it was called "on ice shot differential"? Because that's all it is - just total attempted shots for minus attempted shots against. It's not a magic bullet for determining how good a player is, and it won't tell you who will score the most points. It's simply an individual stat that's very useful for measuring puck possession, which, for a team like Ottawa, is obviously relevant, given that's what the entire team is built around. I'd be surprised as hell if the coaching staff wasn't using it and other advanced metrics.

And the context I used it in - a player taking a majority of defensive zone draws having an equal shot differential to player who starts 3/4 of his shifts in the offensive zone - it's clearly an appropriate tool for determining which one of them is playing better in the system.

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