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02-25-2013, 02:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Dying Alive View Post
No, the Pens wouldn't jump at that. The only proven piece in that deal on Edmonton's side is Eberle. I think Yakupov will probably be a very good player but half a season doesn't make him an enticing piece to trade the reigning Hart/Ross/etc. winner. Also the Pens aren't exactly putting all their eggs in one basket, it's not like Malkin is the only worthwhile player on our team.

No team could afford to trade what it would take to land Malkin without making their team worse instead of better, it's really as simple as that.[/QUOTE]

I can agree with that.
I would not make the trade from an Oiler perspective for the reason I stated. I dont mean he is the Pens only good player. I actually meant it may be better to have 2+ star players instead of one superstar. Eberle was an all star in his second year in the league. I have seen Yak play enough to believe he will be a 35+ goal scorer minimum. The 2 high draft picks should bring at least one high quality player. Thats a lot to give up for any one player. If that one player regresses or gets injured you are in trouble. (In this case I dont see any chance Malkin regresses, injury would be the only concern)
the two picks wouldn't be high if you added Evgeni Malkin. Yak and Eberle is not a good deal for the Pegnuins. I think the deal would have to include a center coming back.

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