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Originally Posted by adam graves View Post
When this franchise learns the best buisness decision is to put the best prodcut on the ice, maybe theyll become as successful as the Heat.

Theo was awesome on the beginning of the season?

When he gave up 4 goals gm2?
Or the awesome 7 goal performance gm 5 v Philly?
Oh you must be talking about the awesome performance gm 6 in giving up 5 to Tampa!!

Come on, be credible....Theo was awesome a lot last year and i thank him for that; but he has been nothing more than medicore at best this yr.

Its not an assumption, its a nexis when you demote the best goalie, that short term finances rule over best hockey decisions. And im tired of it.
Look, face it...the ownership of the Heat is a BILLIONAIRE and the Panthers ownership is a collection of millionaires. Its not comparing apples to apples and you know it. Lets just stop with that right now.

Yes Theo had some amazing moments to start THIS season. But you cant expect him to stand on his head for a full 60 mins, no goalie does. They can stand on their head for several mins at a time but its not sustainable. So how many of those games in the first 5-7 can be attributed to the team playing poorly in front of him and how many are actually Theo's fault only. He then struggled a bit as guys were coming back into the lineup, that's true. But I dont feel like Theo is the problem at all and gives us a good chance to win right now if the team in front of him plays good defense.

Look we havent won a game with Markstrom in net either so how exactly is it a "goaltending talent" issue anyway?? Markstrom or Theo, clearly it matters who is playing in front of them moreso than their performance (as proven by the Philly game where Clemmensen won). So I still can't see this as just a financial only move like you do. If thats your take, fine but I completely disagree and feel like you're only seeing it that way because we're struggling on the ice as an entire team. If the team was playing solid defense all together (both forwards & defense) and we were winning with Markstrom in net, thats a different story. But thats not the case and seems like it doesnt matter who is in net right now, we're not winning with the effort the players are giving out there.

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