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02-25-2013, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
I don't get what you mean. Playing for bad teams did not hurt Roberto Luongo's career/confidence. The guy is still one of the best goalies in hockey today. In his prime, he was top-3, at least. What's the big deal?

At what point is Markstrom just going to learn up here? Is there something in Markstrom's contract that says he can only be in the NHL if the team in front of him is great? Is he not going to be here next year? I'm guessing the team next year is not going to be much greater. I'm sure it will be better, but we won't be looking like Stanley Cup contenders on paper next year, either, realistically speaking. The coach is definitely going to be the same guy next year, and I'm not sure why he's disliked now.

It's a #'s game right now. Theodore and Clemmer are still under contract and I guess that Tallon hasn't found a trade partner for Theo yet. Can't carry 3 goalies with guys coming back. It's as simple as that. There's really no explanation for it.

The San Antonio Rampage are not good either so it's not as if Markstrom is going to be enjoying W's every night for his performances down there. If anything, it would probably hurt a person's confidence more to lose in a lesser league. I wouldn't be surprised if Markstrom struggles in the AHL now for a bit. Playing on a bad team with nothing to play for, really.
What im arguing is that by having a great goalie like luongo or markstrom is that it creates an environment for the team playing in front of him to be lazy. I'm concerned that Markstrom doing well in front of a bad team masks the fact that this team is not good and does not create any accountability for the other players on the team. This scenario doomed us to mediocrity during the luongo era and I dont want that to happen again.

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