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02-25-2013, 02:28 PM
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Originally Posted by KingsFan7824 View Post
Toronto was the same situation. They didn't care. Why would Detroit?

The only reason I can see that Detroit stayed in the west when Toronto left was because the only other team that might have been in the west was Atlanta, since I think Atlanta is further west than Detroit or Columbus, or at least real close to it. Plus, of course, the NE and Atlantic wanted their divisions. Which is why as soon as the Thrashers left Atlanta, everything seemed to be up for grabs.
That's just it, it appears that no one east of the ETZ-CTZ boundary cares. I don't know why the League added non-ETZ teams, plus the Florida teams, to begin with. Perhaps they could bare to be with those CTZ teams, but it almost seems as though the East wished that the West and the Florida teams didn't exist. Annex them into a separate little sub-League of their own.

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