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Originally Posted by Row 3 Upper View Post
Is this a real post or are you trying to get a rise out of everyone?
- You're saying we go into next season with Montoya and Pasquale in net.
- You're saying Hainsey wouldn't get picked up on waivers.
- you'd trade a player (Jokinen) to a team that doesn't need him for a 2nd or 3rd round pick? You think big, two way centers grow on trees?
- Mittens is injured 99% of the time, so send him to waivers.... Good rationale. I guess the Pens shouldn't have been so patient with Sidney last year. He was injured a lot too.
- Wright has shown nothing, yet I thought last game he was the hardest working Jet. He's been a big factor in the rejuvenated pk and he's TWENTY TWO years old.

I can't keep refuting these points. It's exhausting.
It is beyond exhausting and I really have a hard time believing anybody actually thinks this way. Perhaps it is an intentional troll job.

Just for fun, this is what these proposed changes would look like on the ice:

On O:
Ladd - Little - Wheeler

Kane - Burmi - ?

? - ? - ?

Tangradi - Slater - Peluso

On D:
Stuart - Bogosian (Stuart is awful)

? - Postma

? - Redmond (Maybe. He may never skate again.)

In net:


Added draft picks:

2 - 1st round picks. (should hopefully net 1-2 roster players in 4 years)
2 - 3rd round picks. (not likely to net a roster player ever)
1 - 4th round pick. (not likely to net anything ever)

This is so far beyond logical.

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