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02-25-2013, 02:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
It seems like you're implying we should trade Markstrom.

Teams don't play worse because the goalie is better. That environment is not created because the goalie is great/has great potential. Teams play bad because they're bad. We've played the same way in front of Theodore and Clemmensen this year, as well.

I guess you're saying you don't want Markstrom stealing points since it would prevent the team from tanking? That would make more sense, maybe. But, I'll point to the past two games in which he played pretty well, and we got 0 points.

Regardless of who's in net right now, it seems like the team's results are going to be pretty similar. I hope Theo is traded soon, and Markstrom gets the experience this year. That way when we start up again next year, Markstrom will be familiar with hockey at the NHL level. Marky should be starting at some point this year (I'm guessing it'll happen later on). Nothing to lose.
More the 2nd statement than the first. But i agree i dont think this will be the last time we see markstrom this season. I think its just a timing issue until tallon can put a trade together for theodore.

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