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I think both teams will have to be in the West or as DrinkFightFlyers said teams will have to move again, and those teams would probably be either Detroit or Columbus who wanted to be in an Eastern time zone conference. It would make no sense to let those teams finally have their way just to send them packing a few years later. I think Seattle will definitely be one spot, since I think they already have a place set up for an NBA arena that can hold a rink and they might've already started building it. The one thing I don't like about expansion is that it will end the thing they had going for a season or two where every team play each other at least once in their home arena but I guess realignment may have changed that anyways.

I haven't really been following it but, I'm pretty certain all Phoenix's problems in terms of ownership are done with as of a month or more ago so it is a lot less likely they will be moving.

edit- Other than OKC I guess another option based on population is Indianapolis. As of July 2011 it was estimated to be the twelfth biggest city in the U.S.. Either of those locations would work well in conjunction with adding a team in Seattle because Seattle would fall in the Pacific+ conference and OKC or Indianapolis falls in whatever that central+ division would be called. There are also a lot of big cities in Texas but I'm not sure how well the state would support two teams.

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