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02-25-2013, 02:51 PM
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Originally Posted by Winger23 View Post
I don't watch basketball, so I don't even know who Mike Miller is. But what I'm taking away from this is Lebron/Wade were the "forces" that led Miami. Unless someone else on the team was scoring 30 a night they were not a force, regardless if they shut someone down on D or anything else.

I'm dumbfounded on what to say next. If you cant see how great of playoffs Penner had then unless the guy is netting 40 goals a year he's going to suck in your eyes.

Luckily for us DL seems to know a lot more about the "character" of these guys than you do. Just maybe, just maybe your questioning of Penner's character is unfounded.

And you are saying DL should have brought in a 7 million dollar question mark in Semin? you want DL to pay someone 7 million a year for a guy who you just admitted takes games off and isn't great defensively, on a defensive minded team. Brilliant. The problem here is it's not about Semin, it's about Whitney.

This thread has run it's course. It's appearent you don't like Penner at all, and that's fine. Bottom line trading Penner for Whitney does nothing to improve the Kings at all.
1. Semin would be more valuable to the team than Penner. Not even a question. Both are on one year deals so you're not locked in going forward. Semin is a much better offensive player and pure goal scorer, something LA sorely lacks. The kings had the cap space to get him since Quick's extension kicks in next year and especially if they let Penner walk.

2. How are my statements about Penner's character "unfounded" when his own coach Craig MacTavish ripped into him for treating his contract as a finish line rather than a starting point. That's a politically correct way of calling the guy a dog. When Darryl Sutter first came in as head coach in LA and Penner was a healthy scratch, he said the only way Penner would get back on the ice is by working his butt off. Yet another reference to Penner not working hard and being a dog.


3. Again, the fact that this guy has had to be constantly threatened with being scratched just to motivate him speaks volumes about his character. You're a professional athlete you're paid to perform. If you need Sutter constantly riding you just to keep you focused and motivated, that's a character flaw. If you have Dean Lombardi questioning your fitness and saying Penner is at a crossroads, where he either needs to realize his potential and dedicate himself or become the clean up hitter in the local softball league. That's an indictment on Penner. A professional athlete who is paid to play a game that is consistently out of shape? Come on.

I don't know what other proof you need. Two coaches and his current GM have all called him out regarding his worth ethic and fitness. Usually those conversations are kept internally but all three went public with their issues. If that doesn't reveal a character flaw with Penner, I don't know what does.

I'd rather have Whitney.

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