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Originally Posted by Troy McClure View Post
Blocked shots counts the number of opponent shots that the player blocks. It is a defensive stat. For missed shots, I honestly don't know if it counts shots blocked by opponents or if it solely counts shots that are wide of the net.

Redoing the percentages using shots / (missed shots + shots) =

Benn 72.2%
Dillon 70%
Larsen and Rome 66.6%
Daley 61.1%
Goligoski 59.3%
Robidas 46.7%
Oleksiak 42.9%
Oh yeah ... that stat is somewhere then because they have an A/B (attempts blocked) column in the game summary.

EDIT: I can't find it on the main board, but it's tracked in game summaries. Don't have the patience though to go look at each one.

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