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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
Well, I'm talking about Chicago's own TV ratings, St Louis' own TV ratings, Anaheim's TV ratings, Nashville's TV ratings, San Jose's TV ratings, Colorado's TV ratings, etc, etc, when Detroit comes to town (as a team in their Conference or Division). But also their gate sales when Detroit comes to town as a Conference rival. And also how it would be if several of the Eastern Conference teams were actually Conference rivals against western teams and how that could be a positive $-wise for those western teams.
Fair comments and it's actually been an argument from the other teams over the years. Especially Phoenix, Anaheim, Colorado and Dallas. At some point though, teams need to be self sufficient. Detroit shouldnt have to suffer because Anaheim needs a few gate receipts over the year or Colorado's local tv ratings sky rocket.

When the Rangers go to Phoenix the building is full too and the local tv ratings go up. For the sake of fairness, could we ask the Rangers to move into this position for the good of the league? No. Just like we cannot continue to ask Detroit to do so. People have this opinion that since they've been doing it all these years, they should just accept it. They've been screaming at the league since Toronto went east.

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