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02-25-2013, 03:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Rosso Scuderia View Post
Look, I donít have any problem with anyone who criticizes Eller because he does have flaws in his game. I even agree with you that Eller either takes too much time to take a decision or just simply takes bad decision. I also agree that he ices the puck way too often but thatís goes hand in hand with the poor decision making.

What Iím deploring is that post you wrote on Eller after his poor game against the Islanders when you should know that heís been amongst our best forwards in the past 12 games. Itís just pissing me off when you ďwaitĒ 12 games and jumped on the first opportunity to call him overrated because we were praising his previous games.

Itís like the guy that wait for Carey Price to get one bad game and then say heís overrated and if Price gets a shutout in the next game, he suddenly changes his mind and say he wants Price to succeed and wish Price could play like that more but in reality, Price was already playing really well in the past 10 games.

You are reading way too much into my posts.

The Islanders game was a bad game for several players. It was simply an observation I made......not me waiting for an "aha" moment from any player.

Regardless, we all have our opinions. I still firmly believe the two Gallys have a much higher ceiling than Eller. If he proves me wrong, so be it. Its just a meaningless opinion on a message board.

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