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Originally Posted by MoreOrr View Post
In part I do. I sincerely believe that the western teams want more Seasonal interaction with the east. It may not be great for TV ratings, but it isn't bad for them because there is still interest in the West for those eastern teams. And as Beukeboom Fan just pointed out, it's also big at the gate to have those eastern teams to town. However, it seems clearly every day that the east would prefer to have nothing to do with the west. A lot of ETZ teams would be just as happy to never have to play teams out of there Time Zone at all.
Like it's been said - I think the desireability of the EC teams relate to the stars that currently play there, rather than where they play. I don't think that anyone out there in a Western conference town is thrilled when the Sabres, Islanders, or Panthers (nothing against those teams BTW) roll into town. I do think that just due to the age of the franchise that there is a lot more "nostalgia" or "halo affect" from being a team with more history like the O6 teams. A really bad Habs teams team from last year was a bigger draw than a bad Jackets team as an example.

It would be interesting to get a breakdown of teams by conference based on teams "premier" pricing. I believe many teams have "tiered" pricing where the premier teams tickets are more expensive. I'd be interested to see what was the breakdown of those teams by conference.

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