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02-25-2013, 03:42 PM
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Ill second the "being frustrated about errant passes" notion. I play in both the D and C2 leagues at my rink and while the C2 passing isn't that bad, the D league passing is HORRENDOUS. I could understand if these passes were being made by beginners too, but, they're not. I'm talking about lower skilled guys that have been playing for 5 years or more who still can't seem to be able to take their time, look to where the receiver is, and follow through on their pass. Just the other night in a game I was centering a line with one of the better forwards on the team who is skating the puck down the left boards. I'm sitting in the high slot on the right side (my off wing) waiting for a one-timer pass and the D still hasn't picked me up yet. I've been there for like a full 5 seconds, which is a pretty long time to be chilling in a prime scoring area. Not only does the guy take forever to even notice me, but when he does, he puts the pick about 7 feet behind me! Keep in mind, I'm set up for a one-timer with my hips open, ready to blast it. So the pick goes behind md and past our defenseman and the play is wasted all because this guy couldn't take his time and follow through on his pass.

I know it's the D league but this crap happens all the time because players who HAVD THE ABILITY won't just take their time and make the pass correctly. The guy I'm talking about also plays in C1 soo you'd think he could make an easy centering pass. Man I feel bad for his team-mates at the C1 level. Lol. Oh wait... That's gonna be me next season 😞. Womp womp.

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