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02-25-2013, 03:45 PM
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The infatuation with having a bunch of fighters has to stop but I know it won't with you.
You call it infatuation. I call it an appreciation for what they bring to the table, having known several over the last decade, and knowing what their teammates think of them. BTW, I never said we need to "Have a bunch of fighters." I said having the element of toughness, that guy who can go anyone and defend his teammates, is what you need, unless you can score at-will like London.

Windsor has almost twice as many fights as London, Barrie, Plymouth, Soo.
Number of fights and ability to fight are two different things. Windsor's fight total is as much willingness as it is anything. Look at the teams you mentioned - London scores six goals a game, so they can beat anyone regardless; Barrie has Camara, who can go anyone in the league; Plymouth has Wilson, who's similar to Camara; and Soo has Broll, who has gone almost everyone in the league. When you think of the scrappier teams in the league, who come to mind? London, Plymouth, SSM, Windsor, etc. You need that element on your team. Windsor's struggles this year have nothing to do with having guys on their team that are willing. Having another forward on the roster doesn't displace Bilcke. He's more valuable than you want to believe.

BTW, when have they EVER put Bilcke on the PP? Just because a guy doesn't play there doesn't mean he can't. You put Ty in front of the net and I'd imagine he'd be just fine.


Having tough guys that can't do much is going the way of the dinosaur and dodo bird.
Define "can't do much."

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