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02-25-2013, 03:51 PM
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I think that we also need to differentiate ETZ to those specific teams that the WTZ teams want coming to their building.

Specifically Pitt, Washington and Tampa.

Fans want to see the Sid's, AO's, Malkins and Stamkos's of the world in their building. These guys are the household names that the league pimps. They are the name the casual fans know so when they are coming into town, they get the casual fan in the seat.

Giroux is getting there and if the Islanders weren't so bad, they would be on that list as well. Tavares is an amazing talent. Kovalchuk is on that list as well. Don't want to shortchange him.

The Rangers being an O6 team will always draw well on the road. Always have, always will. Like the Yankees, people want to go to watch the Rangers lose. The "big city team" draws on a lot of haters throughout the US and Canada.

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