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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
You're welcome
Thanks! I didn't have a chance at 5th until you started playing your young guys, I had spent most of the season just trying to get ahead of Fakeballers.

Originally Posted by tujague View Post
redcard got into an IC, so all's well.
Maybe, Wednesday's ChL final will determine that.

Originally Posted by tujague View Post
Stadium will be complete tomorrow night. I guess I'll build RF15 next, but there's nothing left after that. Maybe MC12 and some Maintenance upgrades? I guess I just start buying players after that. What do you do with all of your money, Obj?
I'm trying to figure out my money situation for next season as well. My stadium will be at 40,200 and TF-15 will be done right at the start. But RF and SA are at 13, and HRE at 12. I'd like to get SA up to 15 as soon as possible, especially since the youth teams are starting, and should be able to start SA14 by day 3 of next season (maybe a week sooner if I put a player up) meaning I can get SA15 started before the end of the season. But I'm trying to prioritize my other goals. My stadium is 3 maxed triples, 2 large standups, and 3 medium standups. I'd like to get that to 3 maxed triples and 5 triples at 4k seats as soon as possible so that I can have 8 vip lounges. Based on my current vip donations (which will certainly go up next season) this would add a minimum of 17 mil in revenue per season, plus 9800 seats, which would be a 20+ mil per season in added revenue. I also want HRE 13 done by the end of next season which means I'd have to start it by day 19 which I'll likely give priority to over the stadium.

Based on my current sponsors and expenses, I won't have even close to enough money to complete all these. Jumping from 10th to 5th + my OR boost + 16k more seats should help the sponsor offers for this season, but even still won't be what I need. If FC Corona wins on Wednesday though, that'll give me a much better shot at reaching my goals as sponsor offers will go up and I'll have at least 3 additional home games.

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