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Originally Posted by bigdirty View Post
As much as I'd like to have Drouin back in Halifax next season, plays like that show that he's too good for junior and needs a new challenge.

The idea of Drouin and Kadri on the same line...just think about it for a second and picture what those two guys could do to opposing defensemen.
The scary thing with Drouin is that he seems to be improving. He's the first CHL player to put up 2 plus PPG in their draft season since Kane/Gagner did it in their draft years. I believe he may the first player to do it in the Q since Crosby (although I'm not 100 percent sure).

29 points in 33 games as a rookie is pretty good. Not world shattering but it's pretty good for coming from AAA competition to 19 and 20 year olds and the most talented 17/18 year olds. Especially as a 16 year old (on the verge of being 17 but I digress).

But then he improves in the playoffs scoring more goals in 17 games than he did in the previous 33 and putting up 27 points in 17 games. Then by December of this season he has 19 goals and 48 points in 24 games. Improves goal totals again as well. Then in 2013 he puts up 17 goals and 45 points in only 18 games. 2.5 points per game. How often has a player started out at 2 points per game and stuck to it? Grigorenko started the season off at 2 PPG and slightly regressed. Baertschi finished at exactly 2 PPG last season in the WHL. And both did it in the season AFTER they were drafted.

Drouin's actually scoring more since his hot start and he's doing in prior to being drafted. It's insane. What's crazier is that he's scoring at a higher rate since MacKinnon's been gone. He's currently putting up 3 ppg in the games MacKinnon has missed (as a sidenote, the two of them have both played at a higher scoring pace when the other was out with injury. MacKinnon did that earlier in the season when Drouin missed time).

I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see Drouin go first overall. When people compare him to Giroux, it's not a bad comparison at all. he's that damn talented.

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