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Guess Which of the Four Major Sports Is Recession Proof? from

Okay sports fans, which one of these four major athletic endeavors is better than the others when it comes to weathering the latest economic stumble? Which one has proven to be recession-proof? Which sport have fans been attending even as the price of gas keeps rising and falling like an R.A. Dickey knuckleball?

(We're focusing on the four most popular pro sports in the U.S. and soccer — or football to its legion of worldwide fans — didn't make the cut.)
You see, according to some pain-staking research from ConvergEX Group, and specifically Beth Reed, vice president of the strategy team for the research and investing firm, the sport that's been best able to survive ticket price increases and still keep their fan base from 2008 to 2012 is — the National Hockey League.
Only hockey among the four major pro sports was able to have greater attendance now than before the Great Recession, despite an overall 17 percent increase in ticket prices — nearly $10 from $48.72 to $57.10 for the average seat — over the same period, according to Reed. (This research was done before this year's NHL lockout of players, so we'll have to wait and see what impact it had on attendance. And don't forget, seven of the 30 NHL teams are in Canada, so there are fewer teams in the U.S. to track than in the other sports).

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