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Originally Posted by Et le But View Post
Because saying Eller is a bad passer simply is not true. Saying Eller is a poor passer isn't true, because he clearly has some of the best hands on the team and makes some beautiful passes. I mean everyone good enough to play in the NHL will make a nice pass at some point, but all you have to do is watch Eller to see how well he can pass.

Now it's perfectly fair to say Eller doesn't time his passes properly, or that he has tunnel vision. He clearly doesn't have the creativity of Desharnais. Saying he doesn't utilize his talent is a valid criticism, much as it was with Kostitsyn, who had the skill to pass but his hockey IQ was too low to use it right. Eller panics with the puck at times, but at least once a game will make a play no winger on this team would be able to make, and that's why saying Eller can't do it makes it sound like you have an agenda.

But it's a different story with the wingers. Cole, Bourque and Gionta are just mediocre passers, they have poor technique and plays tend to die on their stick if they try to do more than rush forward or shoot. They don't have very good hands. Pacioretty isn't as bad, but by league standards isn't anything special there. That doesn't mean these guys aren't very good hockey players - all have proven more than Eller for sure, but they are below average playmakers. Cole and Gionta were never assist guys even on some stacked teams.
Thanks for the reply. I knew you were reasonable.

I guess my post(s) came out sounding like I was speaking in absolutes. Absolutes do not exist in hockey. For that I admit error.

Your second paragraph is my main complaint with Eller in a nutshell.

Thanks again.

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