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Originally Posted by tujague View Post
That's the first time I've looked at I.1 in a long while. Leggmann has some players approaching 1900 OR. That's crazy. I wonder is any are making 100k yet And Obryantj is in 7th place! Congrats. His top players are under 1300 OR. 600 behind Leggmann's?!? Ouch. I remember when I started and he was only 2-250 better than my guys.
In my mind, there's a number of pre-requisites needed to catch Leggman. TF-15, HR-15, and a max arena are definitely on the list. Not only are the on the list, but they're need for a few seasons before the gap can stop getting bigger. Until I have those, I'll be concentrating on those and sprinkling in a few players to keep myself in the playoffs.

Stadium will be complete tomorrow night. I guess I'll build RF15 next, but there's nothing left after that. Maybe MC12 and some Maintenance upgrades? I guess I just start buying players after that. What do you do with all of your money, Obj?
I paid off the loan I took at the beginning on the season to max out my stadium capacity. Lately I've bought a couple of players (Hudson Young and Noel Holm) and started MnC-12. RF-15, MdC-12 and some stadium accessories are on the short list of things to spend money on, but I may hold out to see if I can land another impact player this week.

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