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02-25-2013, 04:48 PM
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Originally Posted by MrJoshua View Post
I know my season ticket seat is empty fairly often, but paid for. I enjoy knowing that I have a ticket to as many games as I can make it to, but a four-hour round trip plus getting to work early in the morning makes it difficult to make many weeknight games. It's worth having the full season ticket because of the games I CAN make it to, plus the cheaper additional tickets when I have friends coming and to playoff games, etc. But I can't make it to every game, and I assume plenty of other season ticket holders have the same sort of issues.
Major kudos to you for being a season ticket holder while being in Decatur- I'm in Birmingham and wish I could do it but its a 7 hour round trip for us. But we do make as many games as possible..

Also glad you explained first hand just one of the reasons there empty seats even during official sellouts-

These people on here whining about our sellouts drive me crazy- as I have pointed out numerous times, empty seats at arenas that are sold out happen at all arenas and is not unique to the Predators- all the teams can do is sell the tickets;

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