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Originally Posted by UCantHandleMyRiddum View Post
I've watched a lot of Oilers games this year and I honestly don't feel like Yakupov will as good as he's touted to be. Also, his potential isn't as high as people claim. Before I get flammed to death, listen to me.

He reminds me of a poor man's Ovi who doesn't have the size. It's kind of like how Afinogenov was a bankrupt man's Pavel Bure. We all know how difficult it is to score goals these days. The way he played in the OHL won't translate well into the NHL. He does have an amazing nose for the net. Great speed and a great shot.

I look at his play away from the puck and it's not very impressive either. [Yes, he's only 19 and has PLENTY time to improve]. But I see him as a 30-35G 40-45A 70-75 pts guy MAX at the peak of his career.

People were saying that this guy is a future multiple times 50G+ and 50A+ type of talent but I don't see it. Not in this era of hockey.
No you are pretty bang on.

But junior history!

Galchenyuk projects as 25-28G 45-42A 70pt player
Grigorenko projected to 35G-35A 70pt player
Yakupov projrcted to 35-40G 40A 75-80Pt player.
There is not much difference.
We took yakupov cause he could generate more goals with his speed.

I will take his 25G 25A rookie season pace
playing on his off wing.

Stamkos 79GM 23G 23A
Tavares 82GM 24G 30A
Hall 65GM 22G 20A
Yep does not compare well at all!

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