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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Yes. Other teams do dump and chase, but not all the time. Good teams will carry the puck over the blue line much, much more than the Wild do. If all you do is dump and chase, the other team will just stop moving and block your forecheck. If you mix it up sometimes and handle the puck, they have to respect the option and keep moving. Wild don't mix it up nearly enough.
Team's don't give our forwards much respect though. And why should they, Fletcher didn't build this team on speed or skill. Teams force us to dump it and we can't come back out with the puck. Try to drive the puck into the zone, there's only a couple guys capable of doing that on a consistent basis.

Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
Why search for bargain bin deals when you have a guaranteed top 30 player at the position? Actually #18 in point production per game since 2008-09.

It's not Fletcher's job to "shake up the team". It's Mike Yeo's. You're not supposed to have to trade players to get their attention. If it comes to that, you need a different coach.

Also, Koivu's not the only guy who's struggling. If he were the only one, yes you may have a point with the square peg round hole bit. But who is this system really working out for?

And who do you want to build around? Parise? If so, we need to find a center who can get the puck deep and work the boards and cycle with him, feed it back and forth out front...isn't that Koivu?
Its Fletcher's job to surround Mike Yeo with players capable of playing his system. We're almost 20 games into this year and I can't say we've had one game that Mike Yeo should be happy with how the Wild played for 60 minutes schematically. Effort has been there plenty nights, but when you don't know what you're supposed to be doing, then your linemates don't know what to do either and effort only goes so far.

If the players are refusing to buy in, Mike Yeo should be fired, because if he can't communicate with the players he has no business coaching them. But when Zach Parise and Ryan Suter signed with the Wild they signed to play for Mike Yeo, so its would surprise me if a mutiny happened already. But if its not a mutiny, then what is the excuse? Are players still not mentally prepared to play the game? That's inexcusable on the players' part.

Originally Posted by Blizzard6411 View Post
Heatley is the square peg in a round hole. People are so concerned about replacing his 24 goals (a pace that continues to drop and by the end of this week it will probably be under 20) they don't stop to think about how much he is hurting Koivus and Parises production. The player who replaces Heatley doesn't have to equal him in goals if the whole line sees an increase in points without Dany slowing them down.

These people who want Koivu gone are nuts, there isn't another center on this team who could cover Danys slow ass and floating around watching. Move Heatley permanently out of that line and then leave him off of it forever. Find Koivu and Parise their line mate that they are going to play with for years forward, if Coyle doesn't work then next man up. The future is centered around Koivu and Parise, not Koivu, Parise and Heatley. Heatley lovers have no reason to freak out because the Wild are on the fringe of a playoff spot without Dany or that top line doing much of anything so what is the difference if they try Coyle for a good stretch?
Zach Parise and Ryan Suter reached out to Dany Heatley prior to signing with the Wild. He has the respect of our top players. We have moved him off that top line multiple times, much to my surprise and he's impressed me with how he's responded at times, which along with the lack of success of his replacement is why Yeo constantly moves him back up. Charlie Coyle had his stretch, and missed 5+ goals easily. He's going to have to do alot to earn that opportunity again, though his goal last game was a solid start. I'm not 100% sold that taking Dany Heatley off the top line makes us a better team. I wouldn't mind giving Granlund/Bouchard/Setoguchi an opportunity on that line, but we've got to make the other lines work too.

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