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02-25-2013, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Mr Misty View Post
I would argue that the players are the ones who fuel this kind of thinking. If Modric, Van Persie, Fabregas etc weren't enticed by the thought of playing on the world's biggest stages and winning the biggest trophies, they wouldn't have left their clubs to do so. When they were growing up, did they dream of winning the Champion's League for Hajduk or Southhampton? 4th is about as high as Spurs will get in the near future, and is that good enough for the 3rd best player in the world?
I would argue if Bale stays and they make some noise in the CL, they can become a top 2 club in England, with the odd league crown. Spurs have a solid roster with very few holes, and made some key signings this season in Dempsy, Dembele, Sigurdsson, Vertoghen. Besides losing Modric, they have been adding better players, not losing them for the most part.

Besides, how many CL titles has Madrid won in the last 10 years? Answer: zero. Man United? 1. Bayern Munich? 0.

If he grows and improves Tottenham even more, it will only help to better his legacy IMO.
Again, I point to the example of Dortmund for how a club can truly improve into a powerhouse in this modern era by developing and keeping their own stars, and adding to them, as opposed to selling them. Or pulling a Man City or PSG and just spending stupid amounts of money to buy wins. I got a lot of respect for Borussia Dortmund, and I think Spurs can follow this route with their current roster.

Plus, I always thought the argument that a player has to prove his worth in more than one club to be considered great is stupid. I'm not saying you said this, but people say this all the time in the Messi v Ronaldo debate. "Ronaldo had been great in England and in Spain, Messi has only proven he's good in Spain, therefore Ronaldo > Messi." Only in soccer is such a stupid argument made. You don't hear Michael Jordan criticized because he was only great for the Bulls, or Mario Lemieux because he was only great for the Penguins.

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