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Originally Posted by Kershaw View Post
The Rangers last year looked really bad before Mitchell and Hags were put together in lineup.

The previous 2 games they lost to Habs and Panthers. The shots were as followed:

Panthers - 38
Rangers - 20

Canadiens - 31
Rangers - 17

Mitchell and Hags inserted into lineup and outshoot WSH 32-21 and win game 6-3, start of 5 game win streak and November that turned around the season.

Mitchell was a special player along with how Hags in which they helped the Rangers move away from extensive shot blocking and starting to resemble some sort of puck carrying/distribution. The Rangers simply had more puck on stick with those two on the ice and their record showed that. Mitchell highest RelCorsi on Rangers last year, Hags 2nd, Dubi 3rd. Now with 2/3rds of best puck possessing players gone, team is mediocre.
While I can appreciate a player that can play a puck control style. Mitchell being a special player is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever read. Was he not in the lineup in the playoffs when we had no puck possession? Does that not count for anything? He had 1 assist total in the playoffs. You clearly want to prove your point so much that you resort to ridiculous exaggerations. It'll be a lot easier to take you seriously if you said "valuable" player and not "special". I think Hags had A LOT more to do with the turn around than Mitchell. The guy had 5 goals and like 3 of them came in something like 4 games.

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