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02-25-2013, 05:53 PM
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Originally Posted by RyanHPscout View Post
I saw Stamkos regularly in junior as I did with Yakupov. And it's really not close. Stamkos is a world class player. While Yakupov was able to produce at a similar rate to Stamkos and has similar goal scoring ability, Stamkos does (and did) so many other different things that Yakupov didn't. Stamkos was always the first forward back. Stamkos always made his decisions based on the situation. He wasn't a passer or shooter he chose the best option without preference to one or the other. Yakupov has pretty much always been a shoot first player. Steven played every shift at full speed. I personally think Steven Stamkos is the best player in the world not in a Penguins' jersey right now. So to try and debate Yakupov vs. Stamkos is unfair to Yakupov.

In the 2012 Draft, We put Galchenyuk #1. We took a lot of heat for it. Not so much from people around Sarnia and most NHL scouts who saw we had him there but more so fans of the draft were very critical and apprehensive about Galchenyuk's #1 ranking. But thankfully Alex has shown why we have him here. I can't speak for anyone else but I wanted Galchenyuk there becasue at the end of the day he would be the best. I wasn't sure if he'd recover this fast from such a major injury, but I felt 5 years from now we'd know. I thought Nail would start out better due to injury, but Alex would bridge the gap and pull ahead by the 5 year mark.

Galchenyuk has got slightly less ice time than Yakupov, both have put up similar numbers with Galchenyuk actually leading right now. Add in the fact that Galchenyuk can play both centre and wing where as Yakupov is a winger. Galchenyuk is bigger and has been more reliable in his own zone. So you can probably guess who I feel is the best player in this draft, but you're comparing two very good players. Much like Hall and Seguin where both players have attributes and stats that allow this discussion to continue I'm sure it will be an ongoing process between Galchenyuk and Yakupov and I'm sure both teams are still very happy with their decisions.
so in short ... stop making these threads until its the year 2017 ..

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