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Originally Posted by bobbyorr04 View Post
I know this question is probably not welcome here, but what do Red Sox fans think of the Blue Jays chances this year?
I think the are the best team in baseball- they have power they have some young underachieving position players who need to take the next step in Lawrie and Rasmus. Batista has to be what he has been- and Melky who knows what he can do and how he will do it.

But the starting pitching on paper is borderline epic. It probably wont be but how can you not like and root for RA Dickey. My favorite pitcher in baseball....also, Brandon Morrow has sick stuff- he stays healthy and the stars align he has 20 game stuff. I'd take 15 and sign off on it right now, but I love this kid. Johnson has Morrow elite arm but has been injured to much, however, if he can give you 30 healthy starts he's a stud. Buherle is an innings guy and probably can win a dozen games just on smarts and fielding his position- and you can always count on a quick game...we joke at Sox games when we got him to drink fast and get the last beers an inning early.

Ricky Romero was horse bleep last year but has a very good arm and could rebound.

I could go on and on, but to me they can we 90 plus...they are not deep and not sure about the leadership on that team, lot of guys with paper talent, injury histories....the bullpen could be a problem also, not sold on that but still some good arms out there.

What they could use is someone like Pedroia to just pull it all in...never happen but I look around the daimond and just a bit unsure who takes the bull by the horn when things inevitably go off killter- the mananger also I wonder about, we are not talking Claude calm here

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