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02-25-2013, 06:07 PM
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We havent even seen Nails onetimer unleashed yet, he has not been made an offensive catalyst by his linemates consistantly enough for us to see his full arsenal.

Playing with Hemmer was snuffing Yaks possesion game, he is a creative goal scorer who needs the puck on his stick, no one steps into the NHL as triggerman, no one.

Putting MPS with Gagner and Hemmer covers the coaches butt, MPS should be playing with Gagner and Yakupov,Hemsky belongs on the 3rd line spreading his offense out.

Ralph has refused to put MPS , Gagner and Yakupov together and refused to put Hemmer on the 3rd line for deeper scoring potential, when he is forced to soon and they excell, I want to be sure there are lots of posts showing how long Krueger waited to make the obvious adjustments and how much he is willing to sacrifice teamwise to keep things his way as a coach.

I dont feel like Nail has been given a legitimate chance to help this team so far, he needs to be the catalyst of his lines offense, the go to guy for 60 mins, Nail is not just a long range sniper he is a stone cold shooter who needs to be firing all the time from everywhere, HE needs to be supported in this approach. Put him with Nuge and MPS, of Gags and MPS and let him shoot the lights out. Keeping him on the periphery means he can get caught making huge blunders, sending him into the fray in close means he might get taken out like Tarasenko, its a tough call, I would send him in, after all he is sturdier than his peers were when they broke in and he seems aware and able to avoid the big hits, he isnt reckless he is driven. But we can afford to protect him more if we choose. All you need to do is watch Tarasenko laying on the ice and its easy to support the coaches decisions to monitor Yaks progress closely.

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