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02-25-2013, 06:29 PM
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Originally Posted by Patizzie View Post
But people use Dic* and Pus*** as actual insults, as well as gay. Like most of us have said we know gay more often than not isn't being used as an actual insult. My point is simple you want to use gay with your friends, siblings, people close you sure go ahead no problem a lot of people do. However using it to someone you don't know can and is deemed offensive you don't know them. What if they are gay? That is being insulting. People need to take a second and use their brains, if I call someone with a handicapped sibling a ****** you think they won't take offense because I simply didn't mean it in a negative way? Just be conscious and aware not everyone you don't know is going to know you're joking.
I'm aware and don't disagree with you. I just think that society needs to look at context a little more and not get up in arms over every little thing. There are way bigger issues out there IMO. For example I do have a handicapped sibling but I don't get offended when people throw the word ****** around because it's just a word, I recognize the context and I'm not too worried about that kind of stuff. A bunch of sports fans yelling something out in response to something else aren't really setting anyone back or really hurting anyone in a case like this IMO.

Anyway, don't want to derail the thread. I understand where you are coming from and I agree in some cases.

I hope Smitty can break his slump tonight. He deserves a goal he's been working hard for it.

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