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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
You don't watch many games do you ?

Yes he kind of lost a game for us... But he's been great for us defensively and adds alot more grit than Parros.
I watch all the games. He's taken a lot of really stupid penalties, he's...OK defensively, and adds very little offense. He's a good guy to have in the 12th/13th forward role, but him being in or out of the lineup is largely irrelevant. He does the rah rah stuff the fans love but we're not 1st in the East this year because of Ryan White. I know I'll get called soft here but guys like White are a dime a dozen and he's not an important piece.

Originally Posted by icerocket View Post
Sorry not trading Ryan White

Everyone wants a heavyweight enforcer, and then people get apprehensive about trading Ryan White for Parros. Come on. I just absolutely do not understand the Ryan White hard on. He's fine to have on your 4th line but he's a spare part and nothing more, he adds very little value and he really isn't even that great of a fighter.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
Along the same line as Eller kind of losing a game for us when he took a penalty and the Islanders scored on that PP to put them down by one........the same scenario as White.

Sounds silly, doesnt it?
Eller's really not above reproach but you can't deny that White's taken some absolutely bone headed penalties this year. He seems to have got the message since his 2nd press box stint, but he had a pretty bad record for reckless penalties. The difference is also that Eller is pretty significantly better at both ends of the ice than White. For White who already provides pretty low value in goal scoring terms to be taking reckless and careless penalties, he's negatively impacting the team with dumb penalties.

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