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Originally Posted by MuckOG View Post
Now I KNOW you're joking...

NONE of those prospects were considered "blue chip" by ANYONE.

...and the Chris Simon signing was blasted by even the biggest Riser-apologists.
Pouliot was ranked as high as #2 in his draft year. Hard to think that was not blue chip.

Thlen was ranked #8 and the second d man. Drated at 12.

Sheppard another top 10

Belle in 2005 was listed in the top 50 prospects,
AJ Thelen ranked over Marc Staal at one point.
O'Sullivan at #8
In 2006 Voloshenko was ranked our #1 prospect.

If by blue chip you mean AO and Crosby then no. But do some research and you will find that they were indeed ranked pretty high.

Cam Barker was once ranked the #9 ahead of Giroux at 21.Things change.

its a good read and eye opener. anyone can monday morning QB. In that moment like we are in this moment uts ard to see.

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