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Originally Posted by Fel 96 View Post
Well, I'm not familiar with wildcards (not at all, don't follow MLB) but would the Wild have more chances to make the playoffs?
Depends how its setup, probably same/worse chance.

I don't understand how they will make a wildcard system that doesn't have major flaws.

What I imagine will happen is the 7th and 8th seeds will be filled by 2 teams with the best records(not currently in the playoffs) within the conference.


--Canucks 105pts *
--Ducks 103pts *
--Coyotes 101pts *
--Sharks 100pts *
--Kings 99pts *
--Flames 89pts
--Oilers 79pts

--Backhawks 111pts*
--Blues 104pts*
--Stars 96pts*
--Wild 93pts
--Jets 87pts
--Avalanche 87pts
--Blue Jackets 74pts
(numbers are made up, i don't know if those numbers are possible)

playoffs = *

Basically only top 3 teams from each division would be guaranteed, rest would be seeded based on points.

I don't know if it would combine East/West or how the playoffs would be seeded.

If the schedules aren't equal it will hurt the teams in a tougher division.

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