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Originally Posted by Erick View Post
Personally, I disagree. They might be better, but I don't think the gap is significant enough to just absorb Clemmer's remaining salary.

My brother is a Rangers fan and I've seen threads on these boards with the same complaints about Biron that we have about Clemmer. Weak 5-hole, terrible in shootouts.

Garon is 35, and I just don't see a reason to do that. Clemmer actually has better career #'s, although Garon has played for some terrible teams, to be fair.

Vokoun has gained many skeptics since his departure here, as many question his ability to win big games, etc. He's better than Clemmer, but he's also pretty erratic, as well.

Enroth might be interesting since he's 24 and has some upside, but he'll probably cost more than Clemmer.

I think what it boils down to is how many games they expect from Markstrom next year. If it's a 1A/1B type of thing, they might want to get a better goalie. But if Markstrom is going to start about 60 games, Clemmer has proven he can certainly handle 20-25 and do pretty well for a team.
Pretty much this. I think if our backup has to start 30+ games, Clemmer can't be it because he'll do more bad than good. If that's the case, we need someone better. I think Markstrom is ready to handle 60 games, though, personally. It just depends on if the FO feels the same way.

Either way, I definitely think with Clem under contract and Theo not, he's the odd man out right now. Unfortunate because he's been decent here. I liked Theo.

If we do in fact need another goalie next year, Brian Elliott is looking to be the odd man out in St. Louis with how Halak and Allen have played. He was 23-10 with a 1.56 last year.

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