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02-25-2013, 07:48 PM
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Originally Posted by arsmaster View Post
I did a little blurb on the canucks board about the game.

I'll agree with SEPH that he's more of a solid two way guy than an outright offensive guy, I liked his simplicity in his own zone on Saturday anyways.

Did you check the highlights of the Saturday game? That shot was a bomb, in and out so fast most of the people I was sitting with had no clue it went in.

Also made a nice forray to the net in the offensize zone (the highlights picked it up).

His stats aren't why I see a good offensive game, it his smarts and ability to make the right play (often the most simple play) almost every time.

Haven't made a list, but I couldn't see him going in the top 2 rounds, unless he starts to dominate in the playoffs.

Thanks Yandle bars for the thread, keep it up.
Hi Arsmaster...I was not suggesting he would be a 2nd round....just that if he was a bit bigger in size may have pushed him higher...but all good comments from yourself Yandle Seph...looks like all who watch him like his potential...just surprized he's not on lists..

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